Yes, I know, I know.  I have really dropped the ball on keeping up with this podcast.  It honestly turned out to be much more work to keep up than I expected.  However, this does not deter me from firing it back up.  Despite tackling some health matters and major ministry life changes, I have no excuses.  You can learn more about some of this on my main website,, specifically the blog post Settling In To Big Changes.  I spoke about some of the stuff in the X Marks The Spot episode, but so much more has developed since that recording.

What this podcast needs is listener participation, though.  I am going to be working on getting some others to join me in future recordings to share some perspective besides my own, but I really want to know what topics you, the listener, want to take on and what the Bible says about them so please share your thoughts with me at

I have a few topics in mind that relate to events happening in the lives of people around me right now, and I am working to carve the time to develop those topics into episodes.  I have also been doing some work with the podcast for the new church, Charm City Church, I have been working with, so I’m getting the podcast bug warmed back up from that.  They just finished airing a series of episodes I wrote on prayer.  You can find them on the Charm City Church Podcast.  There are some great people who share on there that I will hopefully be able to come share here as well in the future.  After all, this podcast is all about connecting people to God through the Bible, and connection as a kingdom movement is essential to kingdom building.  So I pray you understand how this slump came to be, and if you like this podcast, please show me some love by chiming up with you ideas and topics.

God Bless,

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